Harinera Vilafranquina
Company specializing in flour and durum wheat semolina production
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We are expanding our already extensive range of WHEAT,SPELT and RYE flours, and our new WHOLEGRAIN WHEAT, SPELT AND RYE FLOURS are now on sale.

Yes, these are AUTHENTIC 100% WHOLEGRAIN flours. They are made by milling the whole grain, without separating any part of it. These are not reconstituted flours; they are made with a single milling process, unquestionably an INNOVATION in the sector.

The HARINERA VILAFRANQUINA GROUP uses one of its production plants exclusively to make these WHOLEGRAIN FLOURS, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the process and the product.
They are sold in bulk and dispatched in 25kg sacks.
 As well as preserving all of the nutrients and properties of the whole grain, the results obtained with these flours in bread-making are outstanding, with a VOLUME, AROMA and FLAVOUR that have never been seen before!