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Company specializing in flour and durum wheat semolina production
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Wheat bran


We provide this by-product to feed compounders and they are mainly used for pig, cattle, poultry, rabbit and horse consumption. Their high content in fiber and proteins stands out.

According to the characteristics, we commercialise:
- MIDDLINGS or fine bran: higher starch content and lower fiber content.
- FINE DURUM WHEAT SPECIAL BRAN: Rich in proteins and with a lower fiber content.
- FINE WHEAT BRAN.This last type of bran has two different presentations:
- BULK (free particles). Guarantees maximum freshness of the product.
- BRAN PELLETS: It improves
the microbiological conditions of the product and therefore improves its preservation. Also its transport is easier and more profitable.


Fine wheat bran

Bran pellets

Sliced wheat bran