Harinera Vilafranquina
Company specializing in flour and durum wheat semolina production
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Public Funding Information and Announcements
Mejora energetica
  • Inversión total: 1.715.230 €
  • Importe de la ayuda: 450.959 €

Resolución del Consejo de Administración del IDAE de fecha 24/03/2015, publicada en BOE nº107 de 05/05/2015

HARINERA VILAFRANQUINA, S.A. has received funding for its energy efficiency and saving project entitled “ENERGY UPGRADE OF THE PRE-CLEANING, CLEANING AND SIFTING IN THE ARÉVALO AND ELS MONJOS PLANTS through the INSTITUTO DE DIVERSIFICACIÓN Y AHORRO DE LA ENERGÍA (IDEA – ENERGY SAVING AND DIVERSIFICATION INSTITUTE), funding which is co-financed by the European Union through the ERDF 2014-2000 Intelligent Growth Operational Programme. At the Arévalo plant in Avila province, the Project consists in incorporating new technological elements in the existing production line (particularly in the cleaning, sifting and pre-cleaning section) to make production more efficient and to eliminate any impurities in the end product. At the plant located in Santa Margarida i Els Monjos (Barcelona) the Project consisted in incorporating a new high-performance cleaning machine and in modifying part of the existing conveyors.